Yes! Graphic Supplier does earn a commission each time their submissions are used …

Yes! Graphic Supplier does earn a commission each time their submissions are used …

Its exciting times for us at; our social media push is gaining more traction and we are signing up the more talented graphic supplier, every week. These guys are very important and close to the heart of what we do at; they ensure that our users are guaranteed with fresh images all year round.

I might as well drop this here; we do pay our designers a commission and the commission is pre-arranged during the initial signup discussions. For emphasis sake, the signing process is as depicted in the diagram below.

When you sign up as a graphic designer on our website, a preliminary assessment is conducted based on the images you have sent in and/or a review of your social media pages which you might have sent into us. If successful, then you receive a call from one of the Co-Founders of Yangah and discussions around our Vision and also commissions take place. Once both partied are agreeable, then you will be provided with next instructions for Sign Up and your account is activated as a design with the agreed commissions set up.

It is only at this time that you would be able to upload your graphics from your account, and we also have verified and approve each graphic that is uploaded to the Yangah portal before it is available to our users. Each time a customer uses any of your graphics, the designer gets paid a commission based on the agreed rate. The agreed rate is a percentage of the gross price of a T-Shirt.

So as an example, if the price a T-Shirt (less any servicing cost e.g. printing, delivery and tax) is NGN5000 and the graphic supplier’s agreed rate is 5%; this means that for every time your graphic is used on a paid T-Shirt order, then you will earn 5% of NGN5000 which NGN250.

Now the question that comes to mind, i believe is how do i know you are telling me the truth; well we have that covered. There is a commissions page that we have build and that would give you details of every single order for which you have earned a commission.

As you can see in the image, the status of each commission earned is also displayed i.e Paid or Unpaid. We aim to pay in batches so that we can save ourselves some bank charges as well. So at the point of writing this article, we will pay into your bank accounts on a monthly basis.

And you are still contemplating if you should sign up as a graphic supplier on our, there isn’t a need to wait anymore!

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