Showcasing Yangah Graphic Designers

Showcasing Yangah Graphic Designers

Our graphic designer community lie at the very core of what we do at Yangah. These guys supply us with nice images which they upload to the platform, these images are approved by our staff and this is only time that our users would see these graphic designs

We will be showcasing a subset of people from our designer community on here every month and for our esteemed customers to know more about them and learn a few things as well.

And for people that ae also interested, we pay a commission whenever we make a sale with any of these images; find out more here.

Graphic Designer: Ibrahim Ganiyu.

Yangah Portfolio:

Our Favourite Image So far:

Tell us about yourself

My full name is Ibrahim Adeola Ganiyu, (AKA Sir GAI). I’m a Brand Communications Consultant, Creative entrepreneur, Illustrator, Graphics Designer, Comic book creator and artist, Hobbyist Writer and Creativity Coach.

I am a Creative person by birth, Graphic designer by Education, Illustrator by choice, Animator by design and an all-round Creative artist by everything else. I was born in Lagos.

I’m a graphic design graduate from the Yaba College of Technology, Lagos and presently run a Communications Design Company called Imperial Creations Studios Limited (ICStudios) as CEO and Executive Creative Director.

I am also Chief Partner/Executive Creative Director at Playfactor Games Limited (a video and board games development and marketing company); Director, Emperata Contact Marketing (a direct impact Products and services marketing concern); CEO, Gaison Enterprises; Managing Partner, Octavia Infomatix (A social Media Branding and Marketing Company); Lecturer, Illustration and animation, Graig Phillips College of Technology and Faculty Lecturer at Orange Academy, Lagos for Break Away Designers (BAD) and The Creative Department (TCD).

I have also worked with and consulted for companies in Video Production, Concept development, Advertising and TV content development. My core strength is my creative mind channeled most times through my illustrations, animations, Graphics & Design and through comics.

How long have you been a designer and how did you get into Designs?

I have been Illustrating and designing for as long as I can remember. I started early when I was around 10 but got fully into it when I turned 16. I have been designing professionally since 1996.

What inspires your designs?

I am largely inspired by the human experience and the spiritual. I take a lot of inspiration from the streets, Nature, people, technology, children (a lot of times!) and other designers.

What do you feel makes your designs outstanding?

I always try to take the regular and give it a “what if” twist. I take the usual and ask the unusual to create the unexpected. I think beyond the limits. Plus, I never ever forget to mix in Culture.

What do you like about the platform?

It’s neat, clean and easy to use. I like its usability especially. One thing is that a lot of the platforms that have tried to operate like this often don’t support buyers from Nigeria, Yangah does. This is what makes Yangah awesome. We can get our artworks home and abroad.

How do you measure the success of your designs?

Success is in actual action to purchase. A design is nothing till it appeals to someone. The value is only in what someone is willing to pay for it. For me design success is when a design get the message across and gets someone interested in purchase/action.

Which of your designs are you most proud of, and why?

Hmm….hard to say. I love my angel series. I love it when Africa meets tech. Truth is I am proud of all my works because, each one us a different part of me…and I love me, so…

Any thing you would like to share with our readers?

I believe in Creativity. I believe it’s for individual and societal development. It’s for solving problems. Creativity is life. We were all made to create.

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