10 Important Tips on How Care For Your T-shirts

10 Important Tips on How  Care For Your T-shirts

We all love to keep our t-shirts for a long time, but without proper care that won’t be possible.

Here are a few tips to keep your loved t-shirts for a long time.

1.  Handwashing with cold water has been proved to be the best way to safely was our beloved t-shirts to help prolong the lifespan, but for those who use a machine we would advise you use the most delicate settings on your machine, this will help reduce the risk of shrinkage and colour fading.

2. Always turn your T-shirts inside-out before washing.
3. Wash different colours separately e.g wash white colours separately. This will help to preserve the colours.
4. Avoid using bleach or detergents that contain bleach to wash T-shirts.
5. Hang dry or dry low on your machine. *Note –  When hang drying your T-shirt avoid direct sunlight as it could cause colour fading.
6. Wash your T-shirts less often, you don’t have to wash your T-shirt every time you wear them.
7. Ironing of T-shirts with graphics is not advisable, but if you have to iron turn inside-out.
8. As much as you love your T-shirts try to wear them less often, it will help prolong their lifespan.
9.  Always fold neatly and keep in a box/cabinet.
10. Lastly, choose a quality brand that sells reliable t-shirts.
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How to Care for your tshirt